Understanding Requirements
Microsoft Business Solutions offers an extensive suite of software applications for managing mission-critical business processes. These solutions can address a specific business need such "Human Resource Management", or they can provide a full Enterprise Solution from "Customer Relationship Management", through "Financial Management", as well as industry-specific solutions. These applications have been designed to meet today's business requirements, as well as adapt to a company's changing needs. At Sophix we invest our time to understanding company's business requirements and processes to ensure we have a solution that fits.

Dynamics GP
Built using the latest Microsoft technologies for small to mid-size companies, it is a turn-key solution that can meet unique requirements and changing business needs. Gain access to accurate up-to-the-minute decision-driving information. Dynamics GP (Great Plains) offers customization tools, in-depth security features and analysis capabilities enabling a lower cost of ownership through increase productivity and efficiency. The product's flexibility allows you to integrate with other applications and design it to fit your business needs now, then you can add components and extend capabilities as you grow. Dynamics GP (Great Plains) also offers applications your business needs to embrace the Internet that will lower overhead and provide new revenue opportunities.

Dynamics CRM
Integrate sales and customer service to provide leads and opportunity management, a complete view of customer history, automated incident management, and a searchable knowledge base. Utilizing robust reporting tools for accurate forecasting and measure of business activities and employee performances. Built using, it is easy to customize, accessible using Microsoft Outlook and the web, as well as integrates with business applications to promote efficiency.

Dynamics in the Cloud
Dynamics can be configured to be accessed via on-premise server, The Cloud or a hybrid of both. Companies interested in putting Dynamics in The Cloud have the option of hosting Dynamics with their own local IT/hosting company, with Microsoft or a Dynamics Certified Cloud Provider. Microsoft Cloud Services are about providing full breadth of Cloud services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). As part of the requirements analysis process, we work with companies to assist them in determining which Cloud environment will be best suited for their organization.

Dynamics Certified Hosting Providers


Dynamics Industry Solutions

Dynamics Certified Software Solutions

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